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using_wellDynamic Water seeks to change lives, communities, and the world by providing local access to clean water. Clean water changes lives. Changed lives lead to changed communities. Changed communities will change the world.

We are excited to be in our eighth year of changing lives! Dynamic Water is currently fundraising for projects in Orissa, India. This summer, we have already helped fund a project in Nyahururu, Kenya and San Carlos, Nicaragua. From the beginning, access to clean water has been our goal.

According to the World Health Organization, “The poor gain directly from improved access to basic water and sanitation services through improved health, averted health costs and time saved. Good management of water resources brings more certainty and efficiency in productivity across economic sectors and contributes to the health of the ecosystem. Taken together, these interventions lead to immediate and long-term economic, social and environmental benefits that make a difference to lives of billions of people.”

We want to be a part of bettering the lives of those without local access to clean water. So far, we have changed lives in Kenya, Swaziland, India, and Nicaragua. Join us and help change even more lives.


El Porvenir: Meet Harvin

While we were in El Porvenir, we met Harvin. Read his story of determination and sacrifice. Read more–>

El Porvenir: We Turned On The Water!

We recently traveled to Nicaragua to dedicate our project in El Porvenir. You can see some pictures from that wonderful day on our blog. Go to Pictures–>

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