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Our First Project: Laisamis, Kenya

Laisamis, Kenya

Our first project will be to facilitate the drilling of a borehole (deep water well) in Laisamis, Kenya. Laisamis is pronounced: lie – same – us. I will share a little about the project here, but you should also go check out the Projects page for more details on this project.

We are working with the Christian Missions Fellowship, an indigenous Kenyan organization based out of Nairobi, to bring clean, safe water to their Laisamis Missions Centre. CMF’s Laisamis Missions Centre serves the Laisamis community by providing a preschool, by conducting adult literacy classes, by hosting periodic short-term medical clinics, and by serving as the distribution point for relief food from the Kenyan government.

They do all of that without a reliable source of clean water. That means that they provide meals for children daily that are prepared using potentially unclean water. That means they host medical clinics without clean water. That means that they distribute food to people in dire need of it without being able to offer those same people water to drink that is free of waterborne disease. Again, please visit the Projects page to learn more.

We have set up a Donate page with information on how you can contribute to this project. We appreciate you considering partnering up with us to bring the Laisamis community clean water.

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