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Laisamis: Borehole Testing Details

Back on October 21, our drilling partners struck water in Laisamis!

This is a big step, but there are more to take before the Rendille tribe has access to the clean water that they desperately need. An additional step that must be taken is to test out the borehole to determine the type of equipment needed to efficiently provide water to the community.

Below are the details of the testing that was performed and results. Warning: There are several numbers and it is somewhat technical information, but we know that some of you are into the technical details, so we wanted to share them.

We now have the results of the test pumping out at the new Laisamis borehole. The test was conducted over a 24 hour period.

Starting out the borehole produced approximately 2,000 liters per hour. After an hour and 45 min. it dropped to approximately 1,500 liters per hour. Towards the end of the 24 hour period the borehole was producing approximately 1,000 liters per hour.

The borehole was drilled to 75 meters. At the start of the test the water level was 23.06 meters and at the end of the test the water level was 57.34 meters. The borehole starting producing clear/clean water at about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

As we are installing a solar pump the pump will only be pumping during daylight hours. Not over a 24 hour period. Based on pumping 6-8 hours each day with good sun the yield of the borehole should be approximately 1,500 liters per hour during this time frame.

This information will be used to determine the pump needed and the associated costs.

The next piece of information that we are awaiting are the results of the water quality analysis.

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