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El Povenir: Meet Harvin

Meet Harvin.

Harvin is a husband. He is father to three young children. Harvin is committed to providing for his family. He is dedicated to doing all he can to make sure his wife and kids have what they need.


Harvin and his family recently moved into the El Porvenir community. They have settled on a small plot of land on the main road about a kilometer from the center of the community, where our water tower was recently constructed.

Using the resources available to them, they have set up a home. Harvin took on the task of getting local access to water for his family. To do so, he started digging a well… by hand… with a shovel.

Hand Dug Well

When we met Harvin, he had been digging for a week. This is what we found in his yard.

Never in my life have a done anything as laborious as digging a hole through hard, rocky soil 30 FEET into the ground. I doubt many of you have either. Even my hard core fitness friends haven’t hustled like that.

Harvin is a hard worker. He is determined. Harvin is willing to sacrifice his time and energy for his family’s benefit.

When we talked with him, Harvin had not yet found water. He had not given up. He was ready to get back in that hole and do what he had to do.

The sad thing is that when he does find water, that water will not be fit to drink. El Porvenir is situated next to a sugar cane plantation, where chemicals are used on the crops. These chemicals leech into the water table. Beyond that, there is no sewage system. Homes use latrines and outhouses, which are often just as deep as the well Harvin has dug.

The good news is that Harvin’s family is about 30 feet from abundant, clean water. Not 30 feet down, but 30 feet across; across the street.

So Close

Our water line, the white pipe on the right side of the picture above, is running down the opposite side of the main road from Harvin’s house pictured on the left. The Su Nica representatives leading the El Porvenir project will be working with Harvin to provide the opportunity for him to be a part of the new water system, even though his family moved in after the project was started.

Stories like Harvin’s are why we do what we do.

There are millions of people in the world that are willing to do what it takes to move their families forward that are too often oppressed by their circumstances. If we can alleviate one burden, the time and energy spent to collect and purify water, that effort can be reallocated to more productive ventures.

Think about what someone with the drive that would push them to dig 30 feet into the ground could do when that time and energy is applied elsewhere.

You can help us help more Harvins.

Right now, we are working to fund our fifth project in Orissa, India, where a mere $3.40 can provide clean water for one person. A donation of $20 would provide for an entire family.

Will you make a contribution today that will change the lives of others like Harvin?

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