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How you can help Turn On The Water in El Porvenir

Turn On The Water

Turn On The Water launches Tuesday, October 14th at 7am!

Donate now at TurnOnTheWater.org to help Turn On The Water in El Porvenir, Nicaragua.

It is going to cost $51,700 to Turn On The Water in El Porvenir, Nicaragua. Dynamic Water is committed to raising $12,500 of that.

The fundraising for Turn On The Water will be done through a crowdfunding campaign. The crux of a crowdfunding campaign is supporters making contributions and then reaching out to their social networks to encourage their friends to do the same.

We have two ways that you can get involved in this campaign. We would love for you to engage in both ways, but you can choose to participate in either way individually.

#1: The first thing you can do is visit our Turn On The Water campaign page and make a donation.

Donations above certain thresholds will earn you rewards from a sticker to an all expenses paid trip to Nicaragua to be present for the well commissioning ceremony.

#2: The second thing you can do is to share with your social networks about the Turn On The Water campaign.

  1. Make a sign that says, “TurnOnTheWater.org”.
  2. Take a picture of that sign by any water access point.
    • You can be in the picture alone, with friends, or not at all.
    • Be creative.
    • Don’t turn on the water.
  3. Post your photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et cetera
    • Include #TurnOnTheWater.
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