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What’s the plan for El Porvenir?

Turn On The Water

Turn On The Water launches Tuesday, October 14th at 7am!

Donate now at TurnOnTheWater.org to help Turn On The Water in El Porvenir, Nicaragua.

When this project is completed, every family in El Porvenir will have access to clean water at their home. This solution was designed with the community to meet needs identified by the community. The community will be responsible for funding a portion of the project. The community will also supply the manual labor to install piping throughout the village. This is a community led initiative.

The project will have four major components:

  • a deep-water borehole
  • a heavy-duty powered pump
  • an elevated 8,000-gallon tank
  • pipework to deliver abundant, clean water to each property in the village

The easier access to cleaner water will improve the health and productivity in the community. Clean water leads to changed lives!

To fund the project, SuNica is running a crowdfunding campaign for four weeks starting October 14. The campaign will be broken into four phases:

  • Phase I: $15,500
  • Phase II: $8,200
  • Phase III: $10,500
  • Phase IV: $17,500

Turn On The Water Infographic

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