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Why El Porvenir?

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The people of El Porvenir get most of their drinking water from shallow wells of 30′ or less. In the dry season, most of those wells dry up completely or come to a slow trickle, leaving women and children with no choice but to walk to the river for water.

This village, like many others was plagued with a high level of men who are sick with Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown origins (CKDu), which has been linked to contaminated water sources.

Testing of El Porvenir’s existing wells showed a measurement of 300 colony-forming units (CUs) of fecal contamination per 100 ml of water. That is the scientific way of saying that there are traces of human feces in their water. For a reference, many recreational lakes or swimming areas in the US would get shut down for anything over 200 CUs per 100ml.

The families in El Porvenir are drinking water that we wouldn’t even be allowed to swim in.

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El Porvenir
El Porvenir
El Porvenir
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