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In Progress: Laisamis, Kenya : How We’re Helping

Laisamis, Kenya

Our first project will be to facilitate the drilling of a borehole (deep-water well) in Laisamis, Kenya. We are working with the Christian Missions Fellowship, an indigenous Kenyan organization based out of Nairobi, to bring clean, safe water to their Laisamis Missions Centre.

In Laisamis, there are two deep-water wells; one is owned by a Catholic mission and the other is owned by the Laisamis town council. Some of the water is available from the borehole owned by the town council for two shillings per bucket. The borehole owned by the Catholic mission is used only for their projects (a school and a medical clinic) and is not available to the public.

Our plan is to provide the Laisamis Mission Centre with their own well and pump. Once the well is dug and the pump is in place, it should provide enough clean, safe drinking water for 500 people for up to 20 years. It will be able to provide water for the many programs at the Laisamis Missions Centre, e.g. the pre-school, medical clinics, relief food distribution, etc..

Laisamis, Kenya

We are working with another non-profit, non-government organization, who will be doing the actual well. Then, the well will be managed by the missionaries stationed at the Laisamis Mission Centre, who are employees of the Christian Missions Fellowship.

However, before we can drill for a well, there are several steps we have to take. There are surveys that need to be done. There are government permits that must be acquired. And most importantly, there are funds that need to be raised. That’s where you come in.

The first step in our process is to get geological surveys done and acquire the proper permits from the Kenyan government. To make that happen, we need to raise roughly $1000 USD. Once those two things are taken care of, we will be ready to drill our well.

To make a donation, you can use our online donation form at the top of this page or see our donate page for more instructions. Thank you for considering joining us in our efforts to bring clean, safe drinking water to the people of Laisamis.

If you have any questions about what we are doing to help the Laisamis community, please feel free to contact us.

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