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Why Laisamis?

In Progress: Laisamis, Kenya : Why Laisamis?

Laisamis, Kenya

Laisamis experiences both a dry season and a rainy season. During and after the rainy season, water can be found in the riverbeds and in shallow wells normally found at the river bends. However, they are totally dry during the prolonged dry seasons. Due to this, the nomadic Rendille people move with their livestock from place to place, looking for water for their herds of cattle.

Dynamic Water has partnered with an indigenous Kenyan organization, Christian Missions Fellowship (CMF), to bring another source of clean drinking water to the people of Laisamis.

CMF was founded 1993 in a “goat-shed” in Nairobi, Kenya by Reverend Joseph Wamititu and 25 members. They desired to launch “a worldwide evangelistic campaign” using the local church as the mission centre. CMF has started four churches around Nairobi, a orphanage that serves HIV/AIDS orphans, a school, and the Laisamis Mission Centre.

Laisamis, Kenya

The Laisamis Missions Centre is where CMF is engaging the Laisamis community. Their goal is to provide holistic care for the community and not just serve spiritual needs. Currently, the Laisamis Missions Centre hosts a preschool, an adult literacy class, and periodic short-term medical clinics, and it also serves as the distribution center for government relief food. All of these efforts are underway without the center having access to a reliable source of clean water.

The preschool is currently serving approximately 35 children. The children are served one meal a day by the preschool. At present, the women in the community have organized themselves to fetch water and fire wood for the meal preparation. However, with no reliable source of clean water at the center, the women walk in the scorching sun to collect water from potentially unclean sources.

Laisamis, Kenya

At a recent short-term medical clinic, the team was able to treat 230 patients over the course of three days, including two minor surgeries. At that clinic, it was found that “many sicknesses were caused by lack of prevention”. The clinician’s report also speaks to the fact that there is an overall lack of knowledge of personal hygiene and nutrition. It states that, “the need for clean water is not only a necessity but a priority”.

Obviously, Christian Missions Fellowship is doing some great work to help the people of the Rendille tribe living in Laisamis without a reliable source of clean water. Just imagine how much more they could do to serve them if they could also consistently provide the community with water that is free of disease.

Dynamic Water is committed to making that a reality. We hope that you will join us in this endeavor.

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